Who are we?

We were born from the deep discussion of our dynamic leaders in Starbucks. We were incorporated and registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) on July 13, 2009. The company was established primarily to engage in trading goods such as medical supplies, equipment, pharmaceutical products, and food supplements on wholesale & retail basis.


The company is 60% owned by DLX Holdings, Inc. and 40% owned by High Everest Capital, Inc. Both entities are incorporated in the Philippines and DLX Holdings, Inc. is the company’s immediate and ultimate parent company.

At the moment, Delex Pharma International, Inc. provides the following solutions to our clients:

●   Sales and Marketing

●   Support for product registration and compliance

●   Sales Order Processing

●   Warehousing

●   Invoicing

●    Delivery and Transportation

●    Collection

●    Credit and Risk Management

Delex was established to market the hospital & critical care range of products with special focus in the intensive care setting of the hospitals, to include the Intensive Care Units, Emergency Rooms and Operating Theaters.