To be the premier Filipino-owned hospital products company in the Philippines

Inspired by our vision and mission, we shall strive to rapidly grow our
business to strengthen market position by achieving total revenue of
P1 Billion in 2022. By this time, Delex Pharma International, Inc.
(DPII) is envisioned to be the Top 3 National
Company catering to a niche hospital market.

We shall build a strong team led by highly trained effective leaders
whose members are committed to live out our mission and values.
This will be our core foundation as we explore
new business opportunities outside the hospital model.
DPII is currently engaged in working on the possibility
of an IPO listing.

To enhance our competitiveness and flexibility,
we shall improve our key business processes and raise our
standard of professionalism and discipline
as we aspire to be ISO certified by 2022.

Our zealous commitment to achieve our aspirations
shall be our driving force to constantly enhance
competence and character that will differentiate us
from competition, which shall allow us to embark
on establishing our manufacturing facility and the
possibility of expanding our presence
in neighboring countries.

As we aim to be one of the admired companies in the Philippines,
we shall take care of our people by providing an environment
that nurtures their growth, and by looking after
their needs with competitive Strategic Human Resource Programs
as part of our Organizational Development initiatives.

We will build our pipeline with robust product offerings
in the market to sustain rapid growth and create
significant value to patients and shareholders.

We will continue to strive in building power brands that represent
premium quality and cost-effectiveness by partnering
with reputable manufacturing companies with global presence.

We shall continue with our Corporate Social Responsibility Programs to
benefit the less privileged in our society, especially in terms of
educational support.


We bring quality and cost-effective medicines to the greatest number of people.

We, the people of Delex Pharma, are dedicated to making a difference in
the lives of the greatest number of people by providing high quality and
cost-effective medicines, which offer meaningful access especially to
those with limited or no therapeutic options available.

We are committed to give our best to delight our customers and
partners, provide a high and equitable return to shareholders, and
nurture our employees with a great workplace and competitive total
compensation and benefits package. As we succeed, we will
continuously give back to our community through our Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) Programs.