10 years of journey marked by inspiring stories, accomplishments and contribution of team spirit

  • Delex Pharma International, Inc. (DPII) was incorporated on July 13 and started operations with Globo Asiatico Enterprises, Inc. as its mother company
  • Manned only by a regulatory pharmacist and two skeletal sales force, DPII marketed two major products in GMA and Luzon: Buminate (Albumin 25%) of Baxter-Bioscience and Tramadol (Milador) Inj. of Sandoz Philippines
  • Signed distribution & marketing agreements with United Biotech (India), ICU Medical Inc. (USA) & Innogene Kalbiotech, now Kalbe (Indonesia)
  • Increased head count from three (3) to nineteen (19)
  • Forged marketing agreements with both national and multinational companies. DPII was entrusted to distribute the original Nicardipine, Perdipine, from Astellas Pharma. After a year of marketing the product, it become a threat to Unilab’s Cardepine brand.
  • DPII was entrusted by Baxter to market & distribute its select critical care products namely, Flexbumin (Human Albumin), Premixed Potassium Chloride, and Premixed Dopamine. DPII developed and established the market and was successful in introducing the concepts of Flexbumin in flexibag, and Potassium chloride in premixed form until the closure of Baxter Commercial in the Philippines in 2013.
  • Partnered with Janssen to promote Sublimaze, the innovator brand of Fentanyl Citrate, which was suffering a major setback that adversely affected market share. DPII successfully regained leadership after two (2) years of marketing the product.
  • Formed alliance with Innogene Kalbiotech to re-launch TotilacTM (Hypertonic Lactate). The molecule was a failure back in 2007 with a measly sales volume of 37 bags for 2 years. DPII completely turned the tables and sold 5,500 bags in its first year of marketing the brand.

  • Expanded product lines to continue building its portfolio along with its image as a reputable critical care hospital products company among existing and new business partners
  • Launched own brand of Norepinephrine, Norepin, in three (3) SKUs, 2ml, 4ml & 10ml. Norepin became the company’s banner brand and a trusted generic norepinephrine brand in the market.
  • Launched own Dobutamine brand (Dobulex) to complement its growing critical care portfolio

  • DPII was acquired from Globo Asiatico by two (2) companies, DLX Holdings & High Everest Capital, Inc.
  • DPII moved to a new office in 189 Mindanao Avenue, Barangay Bahay Toro, Quezon City
  • Formed Distribution agreement with MD Pharma to launch Primary Care products establishing a new Division (Primary Care )
  • Developed Trade Sales Division to strengthen services in hospitals and drugstore accounts
  • Established own distribution services to improve access to various distribution channels and directly serve customers ensuring products’ availability in the hands of the clinicians in critical times
  • Adopted SAP application to better manage business operations and customer relations
  • Officially entered anti-infectives business by launching its first two antibiotic products – Ceftazin (Ceftazidime) & Ceftrex (Ceftriaxone) – manufactured by United Biotech, India (same manufacturer as that of Norepin, DPII’s banner brand)
  • Strengthened concept-selling approach with the launch of Ifimol IV (Paracetamol) in 1g vial (premixed, water-based) aimed to transition from ampoule usage
  • Launched Lexofol (Propofol) from Ambica to complement Anesthesia/Analgesia portfolio. Lexofol is one of the few Propofol brands in the market available in vial preparation.

  • Started Total Quality Management (TQM) Program aimed to establish internal policies and structure by streamlining business processes and operations
  • Partnered with Toastmasters International to support homegrown Managers’ training in enhancing communication and leadership skills

  • Partnered with PWC as external auditor designated to further build structure and control in DPII’s finances based on international standards
  • Midazolex, from Myungmoon Pharma in Korea, was launched to provide Anesthesiologists an alternative Midazolam I.V./I.M
  • Launched TEGO (the first and only needlefree connector US FDA-cleared for use in hemodialysis) to augment device business
  • Launched next wave of antibiotic products from Claris Lifesciences – Spectrax (Cefipime) and Bacimycin (Clindamycin) – to complement antibiotic franchise
  • Expanded distribution channel through a business consultant as corporate liaison to the biggest chain drugstore in the country (Mercury Drug Corporation)
  • As the organization takes serious involvement in giving back to the community, DPI partnered with World Vision to sponsor education of fifty (50) indigent school-going children.
  • Sandoz partnered with DPII to market their generic brand of Fentanyl patch (Fendermal)
  • Launched “Delex University” – a Leadership Training Program to develop high-potential employees
  • Forged partnership with San Beda College for an on-site MBA program to prepare Middle Managers for future leadership roles
  • Purchased a 360-square meter property in Brgy. Sauyo, Quezon City, to house its growing business
  • Ranked 42nd in the top 100 corporations based on hospital index report by IMS
  • Strengthened I.T. infrastructure to respond to the company’s growing need for enhanced information management system

  • Partnered with Smiths Medical to market ambulatory infusion pump (CADD Legacy PCA & its consumables) to supplement hospital device business
  • Partnered with RBC distribution company to focus efforts on marketing and in building house/own brands

  • Marketing Department launched ICU Forum Program for MDs that signify the company’s commitment of providing CME support to HCPs
  • Redirected marketing focus to advance businesses in Critical Care, Anesthesia/Analgesia and Medical Device
  • DPII’s promoted products were all house brands for the first time in six (6) years
  • Boldly decided to handle own distribution aimed at improving customer reach and service to ultimately achieve customer satisfaction
  • Established S.H.I.E.L.D. Program for Acculturation and Values Formation to help hone relevant skills and empower a growing young workforce (led by its Director, Fr. Peter Coching)
  • Increased World Vision scholars from fifty (50) to eighty (80) students
  • Grew to a powerhouse of 180 able-bodied and skilled employees to serve its growing customers
  • Established two (2) banner brands, Norepin (norepinephrine) and Ifimol (Paracetamol I.V), as market leaders in their respective therapeutic classes (IQVIA Report)
  • DPII was awarded by Asia CEO – “Executive Leadership Team of the Year” and “SME Company of the Year”
  • ICU Forum for Nurses was launched to level-up the bar of excellence in the management of critically-ill patients

  • Launched Nicardilex (Nicardipine) & Funginil (Fluconazole) to complement Critical Care Franchise
  • DPII ranked 5th in the hospital sector based on IQVIA report
  • Established its own warehouse and rented a 425 sq. meter property in Valenzuela to house its products and delivery services
  • Formed Legal and Medical Affairs Departments

  • Partnered with Smart PLDT for iPad provision to sales force and help enhance SFE implementation/automation
  • Partnered with E-science for pocket wise systems application to improve customer reach
  • Inception and implementation of the 1st ICU Forum for Pharmacists
  • The innovator brand of Ibuprofen I.V., Intrafen, and the 1st branded generic Linezolid, Axazolid, were launched
  • Certified by PRC as CPD (Continuing Professional Development) provider
  • Established an affiliate company (JMN Bothers) with special focus on non-ICU market
  • Expanded warehouse facility in Valenzuela and rented another property with 665 sq. meter lot area
  • Under “Delex University”, DPII launched a Master Class Program to provide continuous Leadership and Marketing training of Middle and Senior Managers under the tutelage of Prof. Gamboa (from San Beda Grad School).
  • Institutionalized its CSR Programs and were made part of overall marketing highlights
  • Increased World Vision scholars from eighty (80) to one hundred (100)
  • Implemented the First Joint ICU Forum for Nurses and Pharmacists in collaboration with Critical Care Medicine of Philippine Heart Center
  • Increased ICU Forum Faculty to further strengthen its backbone
  • Partnered with Life Enhancement Consultancy to advance the HR program for Organizational Development and reinforce marketing initiatives
  • Launched Mobile Dosage Calculator App for Norepin (Norepinephrine), Dobulex (Dobutamine) and Nicardilex (Nicardipine Hydrochloride),downloadable from the ICU Forum website
  • Initiated Mandarin Class for Management Teams as part of continuing education to support vision of future business expansion

  • Delex Pharma Int’l., Inc. was recipient of PHILIPPINES BEST BRAND Award 2019 recognized by CMO Asia
  • DPII’s VP for Marketing, Ms. Lourdes Monasterio, was likewise awarded by CMO Asia with PHILIPPINES WOMEN LEADERS Award 2019