Delex Pharma Int’l., Inc. (DPII) was conceptualized from profound discussions by its dynamic leaders in a global coffee shop. The company was incorporated and registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) on July 13, 2009. It was established primarily to engage in trading goods such as medical supplies, equipment, pharmaceutical products, and food supplements on a wholesale & retail basis.

    DPII is 60% owned by DLX Holdings, Inc. and 40% owned by High Everest Capital, Inc. Both entities are incorporated in the Philippines, and DLX Holdings, Inc. is the company’s immediate and ultimate parent company.

    At the moment, Delex Pharma International, Inc. provides the following solutions to target clients:

Delex Pharma was established to market the hospital & critical care range of products with special focus in the intensive care setting, to include the Intensive Care Units, Emergency Rooms, and Operating Theaters.


Delex Pharma International, Inc. is proudly a Filipino-owned and managed pharmaceutical and medical device company.  The birth of the company was inspired by its vision to provide patients an alternative choice of quality and affordable products due to the high rising cost of medication in the ICU setting.

The core leaders’ motivation in starting the company draws from its aspiration to create job opportunities for Filipinos to avert the exodus of talented citizens and transform the mentality of overseas employment as a last option.  Delex Pharma understands the value of the Filipino family and the presence of each as an integral support system that contributes positively to nation-building.

Inspired by Nationalism, some Medical Professions shared the vision and collaborated with the company, which trailblazed from a 23-man team in its first year of operation to what is now a powerhouse of 180 employees, making Delex Pharma one of the fastest growing national companies in the Philippines.

By launching products such as TotilacTM & Norepin, Delex Pharma was able to make its presence known among its clients and in the industry. These brands represent what DPII stands for, as the company aims to close the gaps that patients experience in coping with the many difficulties in the ICU – none to few alternative drugs that can extend the lives of critically-ill patients, high-rising cost of medication, and unavailability of some essential medicines in the market; hence, Delex Pharma’s corporate Tag Line – “meeting the gaps in critical care”.

“Delex Pharma is here as we value life and every member of your family”.


We will achieve our Mission and Vision by embracing our Core Values which will instill the Delex culture and keep us aligned, engaged and zealous.

God-Centered – “We put God in everything we do.”

Leadership – “We have the courage to shape a better future.”

Passion for Excellence – “What we do, we do best.”

Integrity – “We should be real, open, and honest. We should do what we say.”

Professionalism – “We are open-minded and understand cultural differences.”

Commitment – “We deliver what we promised.”

Teamwork – “We hold on together for the dream.”


We are dedicated, as we take ownership of the realization of the company’s mission expressed in our organizational commitments.

To our Stockholders: Become a highly-effective, structure-efficient, and fast-growing organization.

To our People: Become a great workplace where people are inspired and motivated to be at their utmost best.

To our Market: Bring to the Philippines a portfolio of quality, cost-effective, and much-needed vital brand medicines and medical devices for the hospital market.

To our Partners: Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers towards a mutual and enduring culture of interdependence and cooperation.

To our Community: Be a responsible organization, making a difference by helping build and support a sustainable nation.


Delex Pharma is celebrating its 10th year anniversary in the healthcare industry. A decade of dedicated service to its stakeholders and working together to achieve the company’s vision – To be the premier Filipino-owned hospital products’ company in the Philippines.

As the company is on track with its vision and purpose, DPII is grateful to its valued Healthcare Providers for supporting products from a Filipino Company with global partners, thus, Delex Pharma is now ranked # 4 National Company in the hospital sector, based on March 2019 IQVIA Report.

In addition, Healthcare Partners made DPII brands represent the missing link to meet the gaps in critical care by ensuring 24/7 availability in majority of healthcare institutions. As of to date, three (3) of Delex Pharma’s power brands are included in the top 200 hospital ethical products – Norepin (Norepinephrine), Ifimol (Paracetamol), and Dobulex (Dobutamine). Because of such remarkable performance, Delex Pharma’s sales value increased from Php 488M in September 2018 to Php 562M in March 2019.

With such notable growth for the past years, DPII expanded and improved its facilities to provide excellent service to its clientele by leasing a 665-sq. meter establishment to house its growing portfolio of critical care solutions, on top of the existing 425-sq. meter warehouse.

DPII offers such achievement to God and to the Filipino people, as Delex Pharma International, Inc. takes pride in its being a Truly Filipino-owned Hospital Products’ Company (Atin ‘to!).


As Delex Pharma continues to grow, they are inspired to leave a mark in the healthcare industry by constantly evolving in its product and service offerings, and by staying attuned to the needs of its stakeholders and the society in general.

DPII is not just committed to provide affordable and quality medicines, but likewise supports the continuing medical education of its healthcare partners, which helps enhance their clinical expertise to provide the premium quality health care to critically-ill patients. This is made possible through Delex Pharma’s ICU Forum Program.

The ICU Forum program is an alliance between highly trained critical care practitioners and Delex Pharma, designed to provide relevant treatment updates in managing critically-ill patients in the intensive care setting.

This is a hallmark project of Delex Pharma International, Inc., which signifies its commitment to practicing Intensivists to provide an avenue for high-quality scientific activities for Physicians and Allied Health Care Professionals working in hospitals’ critical care units.

It is a “Train the Trainers” program that focuses on the unique, advanced and multidisciplinary approach to caring for critically-ill patients.

Aside from providing quality and affordable medicines and supporting continuous training of allied healthcare partners, Delex Pharma gives back to the community through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. As of to date, Delex Pharma is able to support four (4) major CSR programs.

First, DPII partnered with World Vision and is now sponsoring the education of 100 out-of-school youths. Second, they embarked on a Feeding Program for public school students in rural areas, in partnership with DEP-ED. Third, they have donated a jeepney to Bamban Aeta Tribal Association in Tarlac. Lastly, they provide financial support to two (2) house parents in Elsie Gaches Village to take care of abandoned and neglected children and adults with special needs.

As Delex Pharma continues to strive in making a positive difference in people’s lives with its sustained partnership with healthcare providers, they envision their life-saving brands to continue touching and transforming lives.