Dear Professors and Doctors,

We are thankful for your interest in trying, and for experiencing the Totilac (Hypertonic Sodium Lactate) benefits for your patients. Totilac is a scientifically proven solution containing hypertonic sodium lactate 0.5 Molar invented by the late Prof. Xavier Leverve of France. Totilac is an innovator drug in its class and was granted an EU patent in 2006.

The product was Acquired by Innogene Kalbiotech Pte. Ltd, a Singapore-based drug development company, subsidiary of Kalbe, which is the largest publicly listed pharmaceutical company in Asia. Innogene appointed Delex Pharma International, Inc. to market and distribute the product in the Philippines.

The hallmark study of Totilac for TBI was done in France and currently, the product is available in 5 countries in Asia namely, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

Totilac offers two benefits in one drug, as it resuscitates (hypertonic) and energizes (high content of lactate, the preferred fuel of the brain). Because of this, Totilac is now the “Next Big Thing in Fluid Resuscitation.”

Kindly find enclosed references with regard to the product that will surely provide clarification on some of your queries. You may ask our Medical Sales Representative for study reprints of your interest.

FDA Registration No. DR-XY33427